Gear - Dave Wong | Photographer

Sony α
Sony α7R III 
Sony α7R II 
    - Sony FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM
    - Sony FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM
    - Zeiss Batis 25mm F2 Distagon T*
    - Sony Carl Zeiss Planar T* FE 50mm F1.4 ZA
    - Sony FE 70–200mm F2.8 GM OSS
    - Sony FE 85mm F1.4 GM
    - Sony FE 90mm F2.8 Macro G OSS
    - Sony FE 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 GM OSS
    - Sony FE 1.4x Teleconverter Lens
    - Sigma MC-11 Mount Converter
        - Sigma 14mm F1.8 DG HSM | Art
        - Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM | Sports

Sony Cyber-shot RX100
    - Sony Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* 10.4-37.1mm F1.8-4.9

DJI Mavic Pro

Gitzo GT3542LS Systematic Series 3 6X Carbon Fiber Tripod
Gitzo GS3511S Systematic Series 3 6X Carbon Fiber Column
Arca-Swiss Monoball Z1 Ballhead
Really Right Stuff PC-PRO Round Screw-knob Panning Clamp
Gitzo GM5561T Traveler Series 5 6X Carbon Fiber Monopod
Gitzo GT1542T Traveler Series 1 6X Carbon Fiber Tripod w/ G-Lock
Really Right Stuff BH-40 Ballhead with Panning Clamp
Really Right Stuff MPR-192 Rail with B2-Duo Clamp
Markins Q-Ball Q3 Traveler with Knob Release
Wimberley C-10 AS Quick Release Clamp for Arca-Swiss
Wimberley SK-100 Sidekick Gimbal Head Adapter
Manfrotto Modo Steady 585

Lighting & Studio
Profoto B2 250 Air TTL Location Kit
Profoto Air Remote TTL-S
Profoto Air Remote Transceiver
Profoto OCF Beauty Dishes X2
Profoto Grid Kit for OCF Flash Heads
Profoto Barndoor for OCF Flash Heads
Profoto Snoot for OCF Flash Heads
Profoto OCF Color Gel Starter Kit Metz mecalight LED-480 
Manfrotto Alu Master Air-Cushioned Stand 1004BAC
Impact Large Clip Clamp with Ball Head Shoe Mount IMCC102
Impact Background Support Kit IMBGB1012SK

Motion Control
Syrp Genie 

Sony ECM-CG60 Shotgun Microphone
Sony RMT-DSLR2 Camera Remote Control
Sony GPS Unit Kit GPS-CS3
Nikon ME-1 Stereo Microphone
Sony Multi Battery Adapter Kit NPA-MQZ1K

Lens Accessories
Formatt-Hitech Firecrest 100mm Holder Kit
Formatt-Hitech 100mm Firecrest ND 3.9 Filter
Formatt-Hitech 100mm Firecrest ND 3.0 Filter
Formatt-Hitech 100mm Firecrest ND 1.8 Filter
Formatt-Hitech 100mm Firecrest ND 0.9 Filter
Formatt-Hitech 100 x 150mm Firecrest Graduated ND 0.9 Filter
Formatt-Hitech 82mm Firecrest Ultra-slim Circular Polariser
Singh-Ray 150mm x 100mm Daryl Benson ND-3 Reverse Grad
Lonely Speck PureNight Premium Light Pollution Reduction Filter
Breakthrough 105mm X4 Brass Circular Polarizer
Breakthrough 100mm X4 Solid ND 4.5 Filter (15 Stop)
LEE Filters Professional Kit
LEE Filters 105mm Accessory Front Thread Adapter Ring
LEE Filters 105mm Rotating Landscape Polariser
LEE Filters 100mm X 100mm Big Stopper
LEE Filters 100mm x 100mm Square Circular Polariser
LEE Filters 100mm X 100mm 0.9 Neutral Density
LEE Filters 150mm X 100mm 0.9 Neutral Density Hard Grad
LEE Filters 150mm X 100mm 0.9 Neutral Density Soft Grad
B+W XS-Pro Digital UV-Haze MRC-Nano 010M Filter
B+W XS-Pro Digital Kaesemann Circular Polarizer MRC-Nano Filter
B+W ND 3.0 MRC 110M Filter
B+W ND 0.9 MRC 103M Filter
Sigma USB Dock UD-01 (for Canon)

Memory Cards
SanDisk 128GB Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-II Memory Cards (300MB/s)
SanDisk 64GB Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-II Memory Cards (280MB/s)
SanDisk 64GB Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-I Memory Cards (95MB/s)
SanDisk 32GB Extreme Pro SDHC UHS-I Memory Card (95MB/s)
SanDisk 32GB Extreme microSDHC UHS-I Memory Card (95MB/s)
Lexar 16GB High-Performance 633x microSDHC UHS-I Memory Cards
Sony 32GB SDHC UHS-I Memory Card (94MB/s)

Bags & Rain Covers
F-Stop Red Bull Photography Ajna
F-Stop Lotus Nasturtium (Orange)
F-Stop Loka UL
F-Stop XL Pro ICU
F-Stop Large Pro ICU
F-Stop Medium Pro ICU
Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home

Retired Gear

Sony α / NEX
Sony α9
Sony α6000 
Sony NEX-7 
Sony NEX-5 

Nikon D810 
Nikon D800 
Nikon Df 
Nikon D700 
Nikon D300 
Nikon D200 

Full-Frame Compact
Sony Cyber-shot RX1
    - Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 35mm F2.0

DJI Phantom 4
DJI Phantom 2 Vision

Zeiss Batis 18mm F2.8 Distagon T*
Zeiss Batis 85mm F1.8 Sonnar T*
Sony Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar T* FE 16–35mm F4 ZA OSS
Sony Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar T* FE 24–70mm F4 ZA OSS
Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* FE 35mm F2.8 ZA
Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* FE 55mm F1.8 ZA
Sony FE 70–200mm F4 G OSS
Zeiss Touit 12mm F2.8 Distagon T*
Zeiss Touit 32mm F1.8 Planar T*
Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* E 24mm F1.8 ZA Sony E 10-18mm F4 OSS
Sony E 16mm F2.8
Sony E 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS PZ
Sony E 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 OSS (Black)
Sony E 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 OSS 
Sony E 50mm F1.8 OSS
Sony E 55-210mm F4.5-6.3 OSS (Black)

Nikon AF-S Nikkor 16-35mm f/4G ED VR 
Nikon AF-S Nikkor 24mm f/1.4G ED 
Nikon AF-S Nikkor 24-120mm f/4G ED VR 
Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G 
Nikon AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D 
Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G Special Edition 
Nikon AF-S Nikkor 58mm f/1.4G 
Nikon AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II 
Nikon AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G IF-ED 
Nikon AF-S Nikkor 85mm f/1.4G 
Nikon AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED 
Nikon AF-S Nikkor 300mm f/2.8G ED VR II 
Nikon AF-S Teleconverter TC-14E II 
Nikon AF-S Teleconverter TC-20E III 
Nikon AF DX Fisheye-Nikkor 10.5mm f/2.8G ED 
Nikon AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 12-24mm f/4G IF-ED  
Nikon AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8G IF-ED  
Nikon AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED 
Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art 
Samyang 14mm f/2.8 IF ED UMC Aspherical

Other Cameras
Fujifilm X-Pro1
Canon EOS 20D
Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D

Other Lenses
Samyang XP 14mm f/2.4
Fujinon Lens XF18mmF2 R
Fujinon Lens XF35mmF1.4 R
Fujinon Lens XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS
Canon EF 17-40mm f/4.0L USM  
Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM 
Konica Minolta AF DT Zoom18-70mm f/3.5-5.6  (D)
Konica Minolta AF DT Zoom 18-200mm f/3.5-6.5 (D)
Minolta AF 50mm f/1.4

Prosumer/Compact Cameras
Sony Cyber-shot F828
Sony Cyber-shot F717
Sony Cyber-shot F707
Sony Cyber-shot F505
Sony Cyber-shot WX1
Sony Cyber-shot W270
Sony Cyber-shot T100
Sony Cyber-shot T7
Sony Cyber-shot T3
Sony Cyber-shot T1
Sony Cyber-shot F55

Induro Carbon 8X CT014 Carbon Fiber Tripod
Induro Carbon 8X C014 Carbon Fiber Tripod
Arca-Swiss Monoball p0 Ballhead
Induro BHL1 Ballhead
Induro BHD0 Ballhead
Induro SA-01 Ballhead

Nikon WR-10 Wireless Remote Controller Set
      - Nikon WR-R10 Wireless Remote Controller (transceiver)
      - Nikon WR-T10 Wireless Remote Controller (transmitter)
      - Nikon WR-A10 Wireless Remote Adapter
Nikon MC-36A Multi-Function Remote
Nikon MC-30 Remote Trigger Release&nbsp
Nikon SB-910 AF Speedlight
Nikon SB-900 AF Speedlight
Nikon SB-800 AF Speedlight
Nikon SB-700 AF Speedlight
Nikon R1C1 Wireless Close-Up Speedlight System
      - Nikon SU-800 Wireless Speedlight Commander
      - Nikon SB-R200 Wireless Speedlight
Nikon MB-D12 Multi Power Battery Pack
Nikon MB-D10 Multi Power Battery Pack
Nikon MB-D200 Multi Power Battery Pack /div>
di-GPS Eco ProSumer M GPS Unit
Meike MK-A7II Pro Wireless Control Battery Grip
Sony GPS Unit Kit GPS-CS1KA
Sony ECM-ALST1 α Compact Stereo Microphone
Sony ECM-SST1 Compact Stereo Microphone 
Sony HVL-F7S Flash
Sony HVL-F32X Digital Camera Flash
Sony HVL-RLAM Ring Light
Sony RM-VD1 Remote Commander
Sony RM-DR1 Remote Commander
Sony HVL-F1000 Digital Camera Flash
Konica Minolta Maxxum Flash 5600HS (D)

Lens Accessories
Metabones Canon EF Lens to Sony E Mount T Smart Adapter (Mark IV)
Metabones Nikon G to E-mount Adapter
Sigma USB Dock UD-01 (for Nikon)
Progrey G-100X Filter Holder
Nikon NC Filter
Nikon L37C UV Haze
Nikon L1Bc Skyline
Nikon Circular Polarizer II
B+W Clear UV Haze MRC
B+W Slim Käsemann Circular Polarizer MRC
B+W ND 3.0 1,000X SC (110) Neutural Density Filter (77mm)
B+W ND 0.9 8X SC (103) Neutural Density Filter (72mm)
Sony Carl Zeiss T* Multi-Coat Protectors
Sony Carl Zeiss T* Multi-Coat ND8 Neutural Density Filters
Sony Carl Zeiss T* Multi-Coat Circular Polarizing Filters
Sigma DG Wide Circular Polarizer
Sony VCL-HGD0758 58mm 0.7X Wide Angle Converter

Lensbaby Composer Pro for Nikon
Lensbaby Sweet 35 Optic
Lensbaby Composer with Tilt Transformer for Sony NEX
Lensbaby Double Glass Optic

Light Field Camera
Lytro Electric Blue (8GB)

Memory Cards
Sandisk 64GB Extreme Pro CompactFlash Card (160MB/s)
Lexar 64GB Professional 1066X CompactFlash Card (160MB/s)
Lexar 64GB Professional 1000X CompactFlash Card (150MB/s)
SanDisk 32GB Extreme Pro CompactFlash Card (90MB/s)
SanDisk 16GB Extreme IV CompactFlash Card (45MB/s)
Sony 16GB SDHC Card
SanDisk 8GB Extreme III CompactFlash Card (30MB/s)
SanDisk 4GB Ultra II CompactFlash Card (10MB/s)
Sony MemoryStick/MemoryStick Duo/MemoryStick Pro/MemoryStick Pro-HG Duo
Eye-Fi Pro X2 16GB SDHC Class 10 Wireless Memory Card
Eye-Fi Mobi 16GB SDHC Wireless Class 10 Memory Card

Bags & Rain Covers
F-Stop Loka Grey Mist
ONA Union Street Messenger Bag (Ranger Tan)
Kata Ultra-Light MiniBee 111-UL-B
Kata Pro-Light BumbleBee 220-PL
Lowepro Fastpack 350
Lowepro CompuRover AW
Think Tank Skin Component System with Pro Speed Belt and Thin Skin Belt
Think Tank Hyperphobia 70-200

Updated on Feb 16, 2018
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